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  • The cost to list a FREE book is $7.00
  • The cost to list a $0.99 book is $7.00


Please make sure your book meets the following requirements before submission:

  • Your book must be listed on – We will also include the Barnes & Noble link, if applicable.
  • Your book must be priced FREE or $0.99.
  • Your price must remain valid through the end of your scheduled listing date (midnight PST).
  • You must have at least 5 reviews with a 3.5 star average on Amazon.*
  • Your book has not been listed with us in the last 60 days.


I confirm that I have read the book requirements above. I agree that my book meets ALL requirements.


Important Note: It is your responsibility, as the author/publisher, to ensure your book is correctly priced on the day of your listing by 6 am EST. If your book is not at the agreed upon price, your book will NOT run in the daily ad. We do not offer refunds in these cases, but we may be able to reschedule your book. You will need to contact us to do so.


* If you are a new author, you can list a book with less than 5 reviews in the New Authors category. The 3.5 star average still applies, unless you have 0 reviews. Sorry, erotica titles can not be listed in the New Authors category.

* If you are an established author with a new book with less than 5 reviews, as long as you have one other book that meets the 5 reviews/3.5 star average requirement, you can list your book in the category of your choice. The 3.5 star average still applies, unless you have 0 reviews.