Frequently Asked Questions

What time will my book listing go live?

The email listing usually goes out between 10am-5pm EST. If you’d like to see the email listing of your book, you will need to sign up for your selected genre here.

You will see the tweets for your book here throughout the afternoon and evening (approximately 1pm-8pm, EST) of your scheduled listing day:

We also feature your book on our site.

The blog list will be featured on our Facebook page. Encourage your fans to “LIKE” it or leave a comment, as this increases the visibility of the post and helps generate more traffic for your book.


What time do I need to have my book listed at the sale price?

Your book should be marked down by 6 am EST of the listing date. The sale price must be valid at least through the end of your listing date (midnight PST). 


What happens if my book is not at the reduced price on the date of my promotion?

If the sale price is not correct on Amazon, the listing will not run. It is your responsibility to contact us to reschedule. We do not guarantee refunds in this case.

If your book is listed at the sale price on Amazon but the sale price is not active at B&N, we will run the listing with the Amazon link only.


I bought a listing but didn’t see my book in the email I received. What happened?

If you are not subscribed to the category your book was listed in, you will not receive it. You can adjust your categories by clicking the “update your preferences” link at the bottom of your daily SweetFreeBooks email.

If you’d like to double check that your book was included on the list, you can see the full list of today’s books here:


How often can I relist my book with you?

We prefer to keep at least 60 days between repeat listings.


Is there a limit how many books one author can run per day/week/month/etc.?

Generally we prefer to list one book per author, per day.

We do like to offer our subscribers variety. For that reason, we prefer to limit each author to a maximum of 2 listings per week or 5 listings a month.


My book is on sale for more than one day. Can I have it promoted with you over multiple days?

We only do one day listings. However, it is not uncommon for our members to continue clicking through our links for 24-48 hours after the original listing. For this reason, it can benefit you to make sure your sale continues at least one day after your listing with us.


Do you offer refunds?

Barring a mistake with your listing on our part, we do not offer refunds.


More Questions?

Contact us.